Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Dexterous Robotic Hand

Dexterous Robotic HandDexterous Robotic HandThe Shadow Robot Company is now publicly offering the world’s most advanced Dexterous Hand. The Hand is equipped with 186 force sensors and joints controlled by pairs of Air Muscles that are matched in opposing directions like the human hand. This is ground breaking technology which will surely find it's place in something I like to call 'human modifications'. I've always had this idea that one day, people will be able to change themselves or shall I say upgrade themselves to something that suits them for what they do. Not your ordinary plastic surgery or prosthetic arms and legs. Instead, being able to change fully functional body parts that will be designed to make you more efficient, maybe even make you live longer? We are in a very pre-mature stage of this type of thing. People able to change skin tones, liposuction, breast implants... etc... we are probably just touching the surface. I guess we will see what happens. In the meantime, our imaginations can run wild.


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